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Partnership. Expertise. Results.Your members joined your pool looking for specific benefits, including coverage tailored to their particular needs, rating that matches their exposures, effective risk management assistance, expert claims management, and sound financial management.

York can help you deliver on all of these goals -- and a lot more.York's seasoned pool administration professionals won’t manage your pool for you, but we will manage it with you – acting as a true partner that is an extension of your pool’s operations. You’ll find that York's commitment to your pool’s success can make it hard to distinguish our professionals from yours. York's experts provide a coordinated array of best-in-class underwriting, claims management, risk control, reinsurance placement, financial management and accounting services that build on your pool’s capabilities. To complement these services, we provide a wide range of training and educational opportunities to ensure consistent, high-quality results for the pool and its members. Whether you need complete pool administration services or prefer to handle some services yourself, we can work with you to design a custom solution that focuses on your specific technical, compliance and financial concerns. Boosting membership and member satisfaction, increasing overall financial strength, reducing losses, improving communication with members, providing best-in-class coverage at affordable rates and improving the board’s function…your goals aren’t simple or easy to achieve. Fortunately, York offers you a simple solution. With more than 25 years of experience in managing public entity pools, York has what it takes to help you drive your pool’s success.